Carlyle Financial is a mortgage bank—not a mortgage broker or a retail bank.

What is a mortgage bank? 

The Power of a Mortgage Bank

Power of Jumbo Mortgage

Retail Banks:

Direct lender with limited options.

Pro: Retail banks lend directly to you and handle the processing and closing of your home loan in-house.

Con: They only offer their own set of very specific mortgage products that likely will not satisfy the needs of every borrower.

Con: Loan decisions are often made by a department that isn’t local and that doesn’t allow for any flexibility among borrowers.

Mortgage Banking:

Best of both worlds.

As a mortgage bank, Carlyle Financial integrates the best characteristics of both traditional retail banks and mortgage brokers.

A variety of options in a single place. As a mortgage bank in California, we’ll provide you with the home loan solutions you need without the time-consuming processes.

We are a direct lender. When it’s time to close, we fund your home loan ourselves.

We process, approve and fund in-house. As a portfolio lender, we operate efficiently meaning your file won’t bounce back and forth across the country.

Mortgage Brokers:

More options but just a middleman.

Pro: A mortgage broker works with multiple lenders, which makes more home loan options available for borrowers.

Con: They can’t approve or fund your home loan. You’re separated from the people actually making the decision about your home loan.

Con: More home loan options can come at a price. You could spend time and money submitting separate applications and appraisals for multiple lenders.

Experience the power of a mortgage bank. Contact a Carlyle Financial mortgage expert today.

Clients Not Customers

Closing your home loan is only the beginning of a growing relationship with Carlyle Financial.

Technology As a Service

We make your home loan experience convenient by utilising the best in lending technology.

The Power of a Mortgage Bank

As a mortgage bank, we bring together a variety of lending products that can accurately and efficiently meet all of your individual needs.

Responsible Lending

We promote sustainable homeownership, providing you with information that helps you to make effective decisions.