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Recent Press

“What Beyoncé and These Billionaires Have in Common: Massive Mortgages”

The Wall Street Journal

Excerpt: “Robert Cohan of Carlyle Financial, a mortgage bank based in San Francisco, said private funds evaluate these opportunities on a case-by-case basis, and will often be willing to work with unique situation borrowers like athletes, entrepreneurs and the self-employed.”


“What is a jumbo mortgage and when do you need one?”

Excerpt: “The three common hurdles borrowers must clear to get jumbo-loan approval are larger income, higher credit scores and greater reserves,” says Robert Cohan, president of Carlyle Financial based in San Francisco.


“Beyoncé and Jay Z bought an $88 million house — here’s why their $52 million mortgage might be a smart business decision”

Excerpt: “Depending on how their portfolio looks — what they’ve invested in — I think there could be a huge benefit [to Beyoncé and Jay Z], it gives them flexibility, and they could pay the mortgage off any time,” Robert Cohan, managing director at Carlyle Financial in Los Angeles, told Business Insider.”


“Mid-Year Interest-Rate Forecast: Will Rates Go Up For Good?”

Excerpt: “Jesse Collins, vice president and senior mortgage banker for Carlyle Financial, told GOBankingRates, “Despite the Federal Reserve ending its low-rate campaign, interest rates haven’t climbed as experts predicted in 2014…”


“Expert Advice on Refinancing Your Home Loan: An Interview with Jesse Collins of Carlyle Financial”

Southern California Homes

Check out our interview in Southern California Homes, a top site for California homes for sale, as well as New Mexico real estateNorthern California real estate and Los Angeles, CA homes for saleExpert Advice on Refinancing Your Home Loan.


“Carlyle Financial Hosts Benefit for Santa Monica Nonprofit”

Excerpt: Los Angeles, CA – Carlyle Financial, in conjunction with the Los Angeles real estate community, hosted the Fall Festival 2013—a fundraiser benefiting the Phase One Foundation…


“Homebuyers Pile Into Market As Interest Rates Rise”

Investor’s Business Daily

Excerpt: “Homebuyers are rushing into the housing market as interest rates rise, afraid they might miss the low-rate boat…”


“California Leads The Way To Recovery”

Mortgage Banking Magazine

Excerpt: “Robert Cohan opened the Beverly Hills office of Carlyle Financial in June 2012, after spending more than a dozen years as a top producer at several large financial institutions…”


“Jumbo Loans Have Never Been Cheaper”

Excerpt: “Robert Cohan, president of Carlyle Financial, a mortgage bank in Beverly Hills, Calif., says a typical jumbo loan borrower can save…”


“New Bank in Town”

Beverly Hills Courier

Excerpt: “Full-service mortgage bank Carlyle Financial celebrated the grand opening of its new Beverly Hills headquarters last week at 9454 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 820…”


“Carlyle Financial Establishes New Headquarters in Downtown Beverly Hills”

PR Newswire

Excerpt: “Carlyle Financial, a mortgage bank offering customized residential loans, announces the Thursday, June 21, 2012 opening of its new headquarters located at 9454 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 820 in Beverly Hills…”


“Jumbo MBS Get Mixed Signals”

National Mortgage News

Excerpt: “The more portfolio-friendly nature of jumbo loans and recent delays in key secondary market regulations are key hurdles…”