Real estate markets are constantly changing, making it difficult for homeowners to keep up with all the factors that affect your home’s value. At Carlyle Financial, we’ll connect you with trusted resources on appraising property value to help you stay informed and confident.

Considering a refinance? You probably want to check your property value first. If you look through online real estate databases, you’ll notice that the data is often outdated or incomplete. We can help you get a detailed professional analysis from experts who have vast knowledge of your neighborhood.

When you submit your application, we will also request a full appraisal from an independent panel. But before that step, the initial analysis will equip you with the confidence you need to move forward with a refinance.

Property value appraisal comes with a range of benefits and this process is particularly important when selling a home. Usually, mortgage lenders rely on the property’s appraised value when evaluating application for a home loan.

When appraising property value, important factors are taken into consideration including recent sales, the amount it will cost to replace a property, cost of repair and maintenance, its potential to earn rental income, and other factors that can impact its value.

Set up a professional property value analysis to know how much your house is worth by contacting your Carlyle Financial mortgage banker today.

Important Outside Factors When Appraising Property Value:

  • recent sales
  • current listings
  • amount of inventory
  • quality of nearby homes