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We process, approve, and fund in-house. Our lending is agile, straightforward, and transparent so that you stay organized, receive regular updates, and talk to real people every time you call.

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Refinance to free up more resources.

Take advantage of your home’s equity and let one of our experienced mortgage bankers work with you to discuss all possible ways you could benefit from refinancing your loan.

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Custom loan solutions.

Get a loan that achieves your financial goals. We offer a variety of adjustable rate mortgages such as interest-only, portfolio lending, bank statement or no tax return programs, ARMs, and niche products.

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Clear. Simple. True Peace of Mind.

Carlyle Financial is a California-based mortgage bank with a commitment to clear and simple home loan solutions. As a direct lender, we offer extensive mortgage options in a single place including jumbo home loans, ARMs, and interest-only mortgages.

Expanding your portfolio?

Minimize risk and maximize cash flow on your residential and commercial investments. We provide several lending options to assist you with expanding your portfolio. Our mortgage bankers are well-versed in the areas of multifamily and non-residential investment lending.

We provide a full range of lending products and services including interest-only payments, cash-out refinances, and corporate entity vesting.

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Is FHA Financing right for you?

We are an approved Federal Housing Administration lender. Conventional loans generally require a 20 percent down payment of the purchase price, however, borrowers who choose FHA Financing can put down as little as 3.5 percent. Ideal for borrowers with limited credit history as FHA loans allow the use of non-traditional items - such as utilities and mobile phone accounts - in place of standard credit accounts typically required for home loans.

We provide you with an extensive suite of jumbo and super‑jumbo loan options for purchasing a home or investing in new property. Our experienced mortgage bankers find you the best rates and terms available.

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Need an interest only Jumbo ARM?

Choose from a wide variety of rates and terms, including interest‑only payments and fixed or adjustable‑rate programs. We offer an extensive suite of jumbo and super‑jumbo loan options tailored to your needs. Our jumbo loans can also be used to purchase a second home or investment property.

We underwrite and fund our own jumbo home loans to save you time and prevent the headaches that come with using an outside lender.

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